The WACCO Edge Grip Aligner is a high reliability aligner with
high-precision mechanics.

No using vacuum-operated chuck , the EGA300C is free of backside
contamination of a wafer.
◈ Modular wafer pre-aligner with NO external dedicated controller
◈ Compact Footprint
◈ Non backside contamination
◈ Class 1 Cleanroom compatible
◈ Highly Reliable and Repeatable Positioning
◈ Fastest Cycle Time ( High throughput )
◈ Easy to Use and Install
Item Specifications
Dimension 360(W)x258(D)x322(H)
Wafer Size 300mm(12")
Alignment Accuracy Centering : ± 0.1mm
Angle : ± 0.1˚
Alignment time Within 3 secs/wafer
Utility Requirement Input power : 24Vdc/6A
Air pressyre : ≥ 4 Bar
Interface RS-232C and RS-485