The WACCO Wafer pre-Aligner will find a precise orientation of a wafer notch. The model LPA10150 has sensing capabilities which automatically detect if the wafer has a notch (or flat). By employing high-speed algorithm and fast CCD sensors, it can provide the fastest cycle time.
◈ Modular wafer pre-aligner with NO external dedicated controller
◈ Class 1 clean room compatible
◈ Highly reliable and repeatable positioning
◈ Fastest cycle time ( High throughput )
◈ Easy to use and install
◈ Option : Buffer ( Using I - FORK )
Item Specification
Wafer size 100mm, 150mm
Wafer material Glass Wafer, Silicon Wafer
Alignment accuracy Centering : ±0.01 mm
Rotation : ±0.05 °
Axis Repeatability Within ±1um
Alignment time(with out wafer loading time) Within 2.5 sec/wafer
Utility requirement Vacuum : over 500 mmHg
Input power : 24Vdc/5A
Interface RS-232C
Dimension(W x D x H) Unit 230 x 245 x 155mm
Extern Controller 130 x 230 x 98mm