The WACCO Standalone Wafer Edge Exposure is a system to exposure wafer edge with UV light source in a certain

The SEEW 200 Increase process efficiency by removing photoresist around a wafer.
◈ Compact Footprint
◈ High Reliable and Repeatable Positioning
◈ High Accurate Removal of Photoresist from Wafer Periphery
◈ Fast Wafer Centering and Flat/Notch Zone Aligning (Non- contact type)
◈ High Reliability and Repeatability Wafer Handling Dual Armed Robot
◈ Perfect Wafer Mapping
◈ 2Uni-Cassette Stage
◈ Class 1 Clean Room Compatible
◈ Fastest Cycle Time(High Throughput)
◈ Easy to Use and Install
Item Specifications
Dimension   750(W)x1200(D)x1300(H)
Wafer Size   200mm
Exposure Mode   Round, Linear
Radiation Wavelength   248, 365 mm
Exposure Width   0.5 ~ 10 mm
Exposure Width Accuracy   ±0.05mm
Resist Slope   ≤ 10μm
Irradiance   Max. 1500mW/㎠
Lamp's Guaranteed Life   2000 hours
Throughput   Round : 100 Wfs/Hr
  Round + Linear : 80 Wfs/Hr
Aligning Accuracy   Centering : ± 0.05mm
  Angle : ± 0.05˚
Utility Requirement   Power : 220VAC, 1φ , 30A, 50/60Hz
  Vacuum Pressure : ≥ 600 mmHg(80kPa)
  Exhaust : 5㎥/min(Main), 1㎥/min(Lamp Housing)